What's New

Digital x-rays

We now offer digital x-rays for the benefit of our patients. Using a very accurate computerized digital sensor we can now take detailed x-rays with less radiation. We are also able to enlarge the images for more careful study and can print or e-mail copies to your insurance company or a specialist.

Intraoral camera

We can now take magnified images inside of your mouth with a special miniaturized digital camera. This allows us to better view tough access areas and also to enlarge areas of concern for better evaluation. This is especially useful for diagnozing issues such as small hairline fractures in teeth that may be causing pain but not be visible to the eye. This technology allows us to actually show you what is going on in your mouth instead of trying to explain verbally (a picture is worth a thousand words).

Laser Cavity Detection

We now have the ability to physically "look" inside the grooves and surfaces of teeth without x-rays, using a special optical laser to check for decay. This popular new technology makes it possible to objectively evaluate any "suspicious" looking areas of teeth and to decide whether or not any treatment is necessary. If the laser indicates no underlying decay is present, it is safe to just keep watching an area. This technology is especially sensitive and capable of detecting decay before it would normally be visible on x-rays. (It is still necessary to use x-rays to check under old fillings or on the sides of teeth).

Voice-activated computer charting

To help us better track the health of your gums we have added a voice-activated (hands free) computer system to record the level of support each tooth has. Gum related problems are the #1 leading cause of tooth loss in adults and the earlier problems are detected the better the chances of preventing tooth loss. The hygienist records this information on a periodic basis.

Computerized Anesthetic

We already have a large array of techniques and products to help take the "ouch!" out of anesthesia. Now we also have specially computer regulated anesthetic to provide a new level of comfort for sensitive areas (such as the roof of the mouth). This technology so greatly minimizes discomfort that it is called "The Wand" by its maker (because it works so well it's "like magic"). We have gotten very positive responses from our patients.

Plasma arc curing

We now utilize a highly effective blue wavelength light to repidly harden the cosmetic filling materials we use. This is safe to the eyes (unlike unltraviolet lights) and generagtes less heat than a laser. This light is also useful for power bleaching.

Wireless communication

Intercoms are a thing of the past with the availability of small and private wireless headsets. We stay in touch better as a team and can discuss you and your dental care with greater privacy. We still are trying to decide whether we look more like Secret Service agents (or characters from The Matrix)---or McDonald's employees. 

Cosmetic partial dentures

It is no longer necessary to be a "metal mouth" when you wear a partial denture to replace missing teeth. Unsightly metal clasps are no longer necessary for clasping teeth to secure partial dentures in place. Now a strong and flexible material made of pressed nylon can be used to clasp teeth and it blends very well with the gums. 

Snap on smile overdentures

It used to be that people unhappy with their smile because of severely worn or spaced teeth had to invest in costly full mouth crowns or veneers. Now there is a much less costly alternative that usually involves no shots or drilling. A Snap on smile overdenture is a very thin and strong appliance that fits right over your existing teeth to produce a whiter, straighter, natural smile

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