Frequently Asked Questions

#1 When should I bring my child in for their first dental visit?

We usually recommend bringing children in at about age 3 since it can be difficult for them to cooperate before then. You should bring them in right away, however, if they have an accident, appear to be in discomfort, or if there is any discoloration on their teeth that can’t be brushed off. 

#2 Do you offer cosmetic treatments?

We offer a variety of bleaching services from “prescriptionstrength” Crest white strips (the strongest formula Crest makes which can’t be bought in stores),to custom tray systems (such as DayWhite or NiteWhite), to Zoom! Power Bleaching (one hour in office whitening as seen on television’s Extreme Makeover).We also perform various sorts of cosmetic bonding (to reshapemalformed teeth or close spaces), replace discolored old silverfillings with “invisible” white ones, and, of course offer cosmetic crowning (or “capping”) for broken down or badly malformed teeth. 

#3 What forms of payment do you accept?

 We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, personal checks and, of course, cash. If you qualify, interest-free or low-interest financing may also be available through our third party billing service (see Financing Options for details).

 #4 Do you participate with my insurance plan?

 Some insurance plans shop for “discount dentists” who agree to offering dental care at a discounted rate in exchange for being placed on a list of “preferred” or “participating” dentists. Usually those dentists who sign up do so because they would be unable to stay busy otherwise. We are not signed up with any such programs. Most plans allow members to see non-participating dentists and will still pay a percentage of the fees. At your request, we will fill out a predetermination form and submit it to your dental insurance carrier for you (if you would like to know in advance exactly how much your insurance will cover). 

#5 Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?


 #6 Do I REALLY need to floss? Don't rinses or waterpiks do the same thing?

Yes, you REALLY do need to floss.

#7.  What IS a crown? Is it different from a cap? When does a tooth need one? How long do they last? Can anything go wrong?

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