• Stress Free Dental Visits
    It’s time to schedule that visit to the dentist. Whether you’ve been putting it off for months or years, it’s time to pick up the phone. It’s not as scary Read more
  • X-Ray Safety
    In most cases, you only get X-rays when something hurts – like when you’ve sprained or broken something. So why does your dentist take X-rays when there’s nothing visibly wrong? Basically, Read more
  • Diet & Decay
    It is very common for me to see individuals or families with a lot of dental decay who are very surprised because they routinely eat a very “healthy” diet (yogurt, Read more
  • Why Do I Shake Your Cheek While Giving Anesthetic?
    Many patients ask me why I shake their cheek when giving anesthetic, commenting that they’ve never had that done before.  They often assume it is just a distraction, but there’s Read more

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