Diet & Decay
By contactus
April 26, 2012
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It is very common for me to see individuals or families with a lot of dental decay who are very surprised because they routinely eat a very “healthy” diet (yogurt, granola, juice, raisins, etc.). It is important to understand the way decay works to avoid the misconception that decay is simply the result of eating “junk” foods (like pop, candy, cookies, ice cream, etc.). Both “healthy” and “junk” foods can be harmful to teeth if they contain either sugar or acid. Eating healthy foods is certainly preferable in general to eating junk foods.  But when it comes to decay, any sipping, sucking, or nibbling habits between meals involving sugar or acid containing foods is a sure recipe for problems.  Ask us about our handout describing safer and less safe snacks and a smarter strategy for between meal habits.